Zipper as communication tool

missing-you_soft-communicationThe concept design ‘Measure: How much I miss you!‘ from Kerry Jia Yi Lin is a unique exploration combining soft technologies, commonly known as wearable electronic to create an aesthetic communicative experience for people.

‘Measure: How much I miss you!’ – what a lovely title – is about creating an interactive accessory for people who want to keep in touch with family members, partners and friends over a distance.

Through a simple gesture, people can directly express their missing to a specific person which in turn will see and feel the missing from him/her.

When the sender of a ‘missing you’ pulls down the zipper, the receiver will get a gentle vibrating alert on his/her unit indicating a ‘missing you’ message has arrived. How much the other person misses her/him is indicated by how many LEDs are alight.

The ‘strength’ of the ‘missing you’ message is defined by how far the zipper is bulled down – lovely scenario.

Watch the inspirational video Kerry made to demonstrate how her soft, zipper controlled communication tool works:

This project addresses the distant connection with people we care about, similar to the HugShirt from CuteCircuit, the Relational Pillow from Sajid Sadi and Pattie Maes or the Interactive Pillow by Annie Lovejoy.

Expressing the soft feeling of a relation is a perfect match for using soft technologies to do so, it radiates the warmth, the softness of feelings for the sender as well as the receiver.

[via: Fashioning Technology]

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