Carry your iPod in a perfect blend of Guggi style and Apple technology

How about carrying your iPod in a perfect blend of Guggi style and Apple technology? I have been pondering with me the whole day to write about the ‘good old’ Felicidade Groove Bags.

Those bags have been around for a while now, they are older than talk2myShirt and we never mentioned them so far. No surprise, we want to inform of the latest and newest.


As you can see, the Groove bags work even with the new, shiny iPod Touch

The trigger for me to sit down and work the keyboard for the Felicidade comes from the latest iPod introduction of Apple/Steve: suddenly my iPod, called G5 until recently, became now the Classic and has to make place for the new and shiny iPod Touch.

Looking for a home for my Classic, I stumbled over the Gucci-style Felicidade bags.

My internet research brought me back until end of 2004 where those Groove bags have been first mentioned. The price at that time was around $ 200.-

The bags contain a Boombox or Ghetto plaster class of amplifier and speaker that a nicely integrated into the bags design. The amplifier inside the bag need 4x AA Batteries.

Although the Felicidade bags where mainly, and still are, promoted with the iPod, it basically works with any portable audio player as long as it has roughly the dimension of an iPod.

In my internet research I found out, to my big surprise, that the Felicidade bags are still on sale in shops like Target online or

The price came down in the last 3 years and can be found for example in the Thinkdifferentstore for $ 79.95 or the Target online store or

I have to admit, I find it kind of chic with a touch of being a bit geeky and bonder now if I am going to buy one or not. It’s a classic after all 😉


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