iLume – soft light modules for garments and bags

iLume-wearable-lightFibretronic launched a new range of high brightness LED products designed for lighting applications in outerwear, bags and other wearable accessories.

The lighting range, which Fibretronic is selling under the ‘i-Lume‘ brand, includes light emitting buttons which can be sewn or bonded into clothing to add high visibility features.

Pressing the buttons will turn the light on/off or to make it flash. They are available in a variety of colors and the button molding can be customized to a specific logo or design.

Included in the i-Lume range is a high brightness torch module, designed to be sewn or bonded into jackets, gloves or backpacks, giving off a light beam when needed. The torch module includes a light, an on/off switch and textile cable which connects to a small battery controller that can be stowed in a pocket.

I fin this range of soft illumination modules highly interesting and useful a brands can just ‘drop in’ this features into their clothing of bag products as special edition.

Having light during foggy days or at night while venturing around the great outdoors is always a good and save idea. These modules could be very interesting for kids clothing and school bags to give them another layer of visibility. Active light emitting light sources are more effective than reflecting strips on clothing or bags.

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  1. I am trying to find a replacement I lume for my cycling jacket. The battery has gone and wondered if I could replace the inside mechanism or is there a whole replacement for this product.

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