Audio Beanies from O’Neill

H4-audio-beanies-O-NeillSimple yet brilliant: audio beanies like the range from O’Neill. No hassle with the headphone cords or with forceful removal of ear-buds when turning the head.

No blocking out the entire surroundings with ear-buds, something to strongly consider when you race down on your snowboard or cross the street.

The O’Neill H4 Audio Beanie feature a high quality integrated headset allowing riders to rock out to their favorite tunes.

Molded into the beanie’s ear-flaps, the slim-line H4 Audio Beanie earphones feature a new covering cap to enhance audio quality and protect your ears against the harsh winter elements.

The H4 Series audio beanie connects to every audio device / cellphone with a 3.5mm audio jack output.

Available on various online stores like this one which carries a selection of 4 styles for women and 6 styles for men to choose from and retail for £34.26 (around $54.60)

In this YouTube video you can see how to use the Audio Beanies from O’Neill.


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