Smart Textiles and Nanotextiles Conference 2007

smart_textiles_conference.jpg IntertechPira‘s 2007 edition of the Smart Textiles and Nanotextile Conference will take place from Dec 10-12 in Prague, Czech Republic.

It’s the second time Smart and Intelligent Textiles will be the focus of a high profile conference.

Top experts will present and discuss the present status but also the future of Smart, Intelligent and Nano Textiles.

Highly interesting presentations and discussions are guaranteed looking to the speaker list: Angel Chang will speak about ‘Advanced textiles in high fashion applications‘, Winston Shih, Advanced Products Manager, The North Face who is also the Chair person, will talk about ‘Keeping technology on the forefront at The North Face‘ and Christian Stammel, CEO of Navispace will present ‘Solar Technology: a key technology for the wearable electronic market‘.

There are many more experts on the long speaker list who will talk about:

  • Latest advances in smart protective apparel
  • Exploiting intelligent textiles for fashion
  • Smart fabrics in the sports industry
  • Hygiene and health innovation for textiles
  • Innovations in fabric circuits
  • Smart fabrics for socially responsible solutions

There are many reasons, if you need any, to attend this conference:

  1. Hear what The North Face has in store for their 2008 line and what innovations are on their ‘wish list’ for the future
  2. Get an exclusive insight into the most recent innovations in fabric circuits and find out about their endless applications
  3. See how electronics in textiles are becoming increasingly functional

This list alone makes me counting down the days until Christmas the Smart Textiles and Nanotextiles Conference in December.

Check out IntertechPira’s brochure for more details:[download#1#image]

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  1. Great blog for finding relevant info on smart textiles technology as it seems to be developped today. Looking forward to reading, hearing, seeing some more! :)

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