Color for rainy days – interactive Umbrella

color-changing-umbrellaLazybone, a UK online retailer for uniquey, geekery gadgets offers a fully into their uniquey, geekery fitting portfolio, the Color Changing Umbrella.

We have seen and posted about iluminated umbrellas before, even solar charging umbrellas but this one manages to really brighten up the otherwise usually grey, dull days when rain pours down.

Actually it might be so fascinating to watch the color change that we don’t want the rain to stop ever again.

When there is no rain, this umbrella shows white clouds with rain drops falling out of them but as soon real raindrops hit the umbrella these white rain clouds come to a colorful life.

This miracle is made possible with the use of Hydrochromic ink which is a type of ink that changes color when in contact with water and reverses back to ‘colorless’ when the area dries up.

Thanks to this special ink, which is simple to use via screen printing a nice, magical effect is painted on the umbrella and I guess on many faces who see this transformation on a dull, rainy day.

The Color Changing Umbrella can be ordered here for $32.77

It is fascinating to see what kind off effects ink technologies like Thermochromic which changes color when exposed to differences in temperature, Photochromic inks which change color when exposed to UV light and the Hydrochromic ink which reacts with water can achieve.

It opens doors to many playful style elements on clothing and I am a bit surprised why not more designer use this special effects in their designs. There are not many technological difficulties to apply these inks as they use conventional screen printing technology, something that is used on many clothing items for ages.

[via: Fashionablygeek]

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