Solar power for Shutterbugs

ion_camerabag_front.jpgHobby photographer and professionals alike have next to their power hungry cameras plenty of other gear in their camera bags for making the perfect shot to get famous.

Eclipse Solar Gear has a new camera bag that gives power to the Shutterbugs among our readers, the Ion Camera/Video Gear Bag.

Next to the Ion Camera/Video Gear Bag, Eclipse Solar Gear has a large range of solar power bags spanning Backpacks, Messenger Bags, Camera Bags and Bike Bags. All of them are ready to collect the sun light and convert it for the power hungry gadgets in our bags.

The Ion Camera/Video Gear Bag looks very good and has all the features a photographer expects from such a bag: Made of durable 1680 Denier Nylon, the large main cavity can handle a digital camcorder and a digital SLR camera with room left for accessories. It has internal dividers adjustable to fit snugly around any camera model. Side pockets with internal webbing help organizing memory cards, batteries, or other equipment.

ion_camerabag_inside.jpgWhat makes the Ion Camera/Video Gear Bag different to ‘normal’ camera bags is the integrated flexible solar panel on the top cover that provides power to trickle charge rechargeable batteries, camera batteries, or other electronic device like cellphone, MP3 player, …

The solar charging solution can be utilized by using the common 12V automotive adapter made for your device. No other special adapters are needed.

With the Ion Camera/Video Gear Bag you can recharge your camera while racing from one photo shot to another and have not to worry about running out of power while having all the celebrities lining up in front of your camera lens.

Amazing is the cost of the Ion Camera/Video Gear Bag, just $ 84.99 by This price makes the Ion Camera/Video Gear Bag the cheapest solar power bag I have seen so far.

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