Upgradable Polaris Jackets

Polaris-iPod-JacketsThe upgradable clothing market is growing with the addition of Polaris winter 09/10 collection of outerwear jackets for man and women.

Polaris Industries has designed their jackets to allow Fibretronic‘s joystick controller to be added to the sleeve using a Velcro attachment point. Fibretronic has produced a custom designed joystick for Polaris with a Velcro backing enabling it to be simply added to a mating Velcro patch on the sleeve of the jacket.

In case you are not sure when you buy our winter outfit but select an upgradable garment you are always on the safe side and add personal device control later on when you decide to give more protection to your player and to your fingers which can be kept snugly warm inside your gloves while still manipulating your music.

The Pure Polaris branded ‘Ripper‘ for man and ‘Diva‘ for women jackets come with a price tag of $199.99 each and the joystick control system sells for $39.99 including an iPod control module.

Other modules are available from CONNECTEDwear your device such as iPhone, Bluetooth smartphone or other MP3 players.

I have been waiting for a long time to see ‘ready for technology’ clothing. It looks like the time of upgrading ones jackets has finally arrived.

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