Dicota BacPac controls iPod and iPhone

Dicota-BacPacDicota, one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality, exclusive notebook bags unveiled their first technology enabled bag, the Red Dot design award winning BacPac.

This exclusive backpack offers everything one could wish on an urban style bag for all the essentials needed in today’s life: a protective detachable Notebook sleeve with high-class HDF padding (high-density foam) for Notebooks from 14″ to 15.4″ and various compartments to organize USB drives, pens or CDs are well stored in the workstation.

The iPod is simply connected in the specially designed multimedia pocket located on the side of the bag. The earphones and the soft control pad is on the shoulder-strap, easy to reach on operate most of the iPod models and iPhones.

Available at this online store for $223.19, the BacPac offers another smart twist by featuring waterproof zippers around the bag to ensure no water is ever reaching the precious electronics inside the bag.

A good looking option to make sure the delicate electronics stays save while being able to have full control over what to listen on the go with the convenience of not taking out the iPod/iPhone each time to skip a song or turn up/down the volume.

[via Gizmag]

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