Lumalive lights up clothing

philips_lumalive.jpg Boost Products from The Netherlands will be the first company using Philips Lumalive light emitting textiles for clothing.

After years of research, Philips has succeeded in incorporating special LED technology into fabric. “Lumalive brings fabrics and clothing alive”, says Bas Zeper, CEO of Philips Lumalive. “This now gives marketeers a tool with which to reach their market in an interactive and more effective way.”

“The LED technology in Lumalive offers unlimited graphics and interactive applications and, in combination with the trendy promotion clothing, guarantees an impressive and distinctive experience.” says Raymond Lentz, director of Boost Products.

I can imagine having parties where everyone has one of those shirts. A visual explosion of colors to the beat of the sound. Changing the color or images depending on the size of the group, the heart beat (for the love birds under you), images visualizing the stress level (that one is for me) and many more thing come to mind.

This wishes might still need to be realized but the first Lumalive shirts for promotions will be available in November 2007. Boost Products is going to stage spectacular demonstrations to put the revolutionary Lumalive technology in the spotlight.

We will keep our eyes open for the first public show to check out the full potential of this new material – Lumalive brings fabrics alive – as the press release says.


  1. im living in dubai & i love phlipis & im so crzy guy how i can get like this 1 here in dubai ?

  2. I suggest you go to the Lumalive Website, there is an option to leave your request and maybe – you can order a sample.

  3. are these top sutable for young childen can they be made for other things such ad wallahngings. When are they avilble to buy and wher from?

  4. Also, whatever way it is available, either by yard/metr, or by garment, what are the choices and how much is it?

  5. Please let us know if you produce lumalive T-Shirts which we need for a big promotion.

    We would appreciate your prompt response.

    Thank you!
    Hilda Mizrachi (Ms)

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