And the winner of the Smart Textile Salon Student Award 2009 is: Laura Wilson

Laura_Leanne_WilsonToday is not only the day wearable electronic experts and enthusiasts meet at the Smart Textile Salon in Ghent, Belgium but also the day where Laura Wilson will present her SysTex Student Award 2009 winning project, the ‘Celestial Hybrid’.

Laura Wilson, currently completing her final year of her degree in Printed Textiles, Fashion and Fibre at Winchester School of Art has a very unique approach to intelligent, technology enabled textiles.

Her aim is to use technology to enhance textiles by giving them properties to follow the desire of change to adapt and adjust to various stimuli in our society.

For Laura, our trend obsessed ‘fast fashion’ culture, like most parts of today’s lifestyle, generates mountains of ‘outdated’ products. On the other hand, change, the fluidity of life encourages the disposability, even implies the acceptance of such practice.

In the search for a sensible balance between consumerism and the need of sustainability, Laura started to explore the benefits wearable technologies can offer to create changeable, upgradeable, adaptive textiles.

Her aim is to create adaptive textiles that adjust with time and climate to meet the needs of different people in different societies, to create clothing people can update rather than replace.

Laura is placing a high priority to the aesthetic appearance of her technology enabled textiles but at the same time takes great care to create smart textiles that can become ‘usable’ and ‘affordable’ in the near future.


The use of conductive yarns, LEDs, optical fibers, Thermochromatic and Photochromatic paints on textile structures merge into living, changing, transforming, color shifting surfaces which adapt constantly in sync with the wearers movement, action and journey through life.

I am sure we will hear more from Laura’s  ‘Celestial’ explorations into smart textiles and clothing in the years ahead.


  1. Wow, very cool.

    We’d like to invite Laura — and all of you artists working at the intersection of textiles and technology to participate in the first International TECHstyle Art Biennial (ITAB). Check it out at

    Connie DeWitt
    Deputy Director
    San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

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