O’Neill NavJAcket for the winner of the Smart Textiles Salon Student award

NavJacketLet’s give a big hand for O’Neill who is sponsoring a NavJacket for the winner of the Smart Textiles Salon Student award 2009.

The Smart Textiles Salon, jointly organized by the European projects SysTex and Proetex will present the student award for the best wearable electronic design project in this years event.

O’Neill, leading brand and innovator of wearable electronic outdoor apparel is sponsoring the student award with one of the most advanced, technology enabled jackets ever made, the Nav(igation)Jacket.

The NavJacket is designed not only to look good but also to guide you through the mountains using guiding arrows on the sleeves display.

It will obtain its routes and point-of-interest (a ski bar for example or a gorgeous view point) via a Bluetooth enabled cellphone.

You can create the routes yourself or download routes from other NavJAcket Community members and follow their great skiing or snowboarding experiences. Once the jacket has loaded routes and point of interests in it’s memory no cellphone link is needed anymore.


Before racing down the mountains, select your route and the NavJacket will guide you down and show POIs (point-of-interest) other community members recommended.

O’Neills’ NavJacket will be for quite some time be the yardstick to follow and surpass. I like the complete solution, the integration of not only technology into clothing but also weaving the lifestyle experience into the social network via the NavJacket Community for sharing experiences with like minded.

If you have someone very special and for a very special Christmas gift, the NavJacket sells for €1,200.- ($1,635.-)

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