What’s in your bag?

Asking: “What is in your Bag?” seems to be a trend judging on the many blogs that have this line as topic.

fusionbag.jpgFor us the answer is: Solar Power and other other stuff of course. Having solar power in the bag is fairly easy nowadays.

You can either make a solar bag yourself or get one of the many solar bags on the market like the one form Imaginenergy, a Portland, Oregon based company that is in the consulting and contracting business about and around Solar energy.

Imaginenergy is not a typical bag brand but their Fusionbag looks quite good. It’s a durable and comfortable messenger bag, with an integrated flexible and waterproof solar panel.

The Fusionbag comes with a power module that can be charged via the Solar panels and on rainy days via AC power. This option provides power from your bag anytime. The power module is strong enough to handle even your laptop.

The Fusionbag comes in four different colors with a price tag of $ 350.- and can be ordered online by Imaginenergy.

If this price is a bit too hefty, you can always consider following our DIY Solar Bag project and make your own or you grab the one and only one we have left from our Etsy shop. The choice is yours to charge up your bag.

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