High tech boots from Columbia Sportswear – Bugathermo and Snow Hottie

Columbia-Sportswear-BugathermoWe are a few days away from the official begin of autumn, time to look for clothing and shoes to keep us comfy warm during the cold days to come.

Announcing just in time to make it to the winter outfit shopping list, Columbia Sportswear offers an option to keeping our feet warm with the Bugathermo for men and the Snow Hottie for women, two high tech winter boot models with integrated, active heating.

Cold feet are a nightmare for many people. How often have I dreamed having a heater in my shoe while waiting in the cold for a taxi or bus.

The heated boots contain a innovative, rechargeable heating system that keeps feet warm for up to eight hours. Three temperature settings adjust to the coldest conditions, and with waterproof, breathable Omni-Tech, the feet stays dry and comfy warm.

The three temperature settings are easy to read and use via the LED ankle button, letting you customize your heating system on the go – cool.

Internal lithium polymer batteries deliver the heating power and are easily recharged with the included adapter. So in future don;t only charge tour cellphone but also your shoes.


Columbia Sportswear heated boots will be available soon but we have found the Bugathermo at this online store with a price tag of $249.99. Quite a cool/hot price point for such great looking high tech boots. Staying warm during the coming winter season is not as priceless as it was in the past.


  1. WTF? “Snow Hottie”? Seriously… Many women actually do hard physical WORK outdoors in all weather – we’re not just standing around looking cute – so quit patronizing us and offer us some gear that is actually functional beyond the snow bunny look. No, nevermind; I’ll just keep stuffing those chemical heat packs into my cheaper boots from another manufacturer and will come out ahead financially. And I’m cute in work boots, too, dammit.

  2. I bought a pair for cold Canadian winters, especially ice fishing and they are awsome!! Keep my feet warm, dry and keep me on the ice longer. Great product!!

  3. Your website came up in my search and I’m taken by what you have composed on this topic.
    thank you for sharing with us,i like it very much and i will always give attention.

  4. I pay $350.00 for my Bugathermo Boots my boots do not get hot my foot is cold as hell i what my Money back it do not work or my i got a bad boot 313-585-9061 and yes i do charged the boot but it do not work Help

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