Electroluminescent textiles

Textile-DisplayThe magic of illuminating textiles seems to be one of the focus points during the upcoming Smart Textiles Salon in Ghent, the jointed European workshop organized by the European projects SysTex and Proetex.

Spain based technology center Cetemmsa, with over 18 years of experience in carrying out applied research on smart materials will present their textile illumination technology in form of an European flag swaying in the wind so show the softness, the flexibility their technology can provide to textile display like products of the future.

The flag is made of a polyamide textile support coated with different layers of organic and inorganic materials of dielectric, light emitting and conductive properties, creating a soft, flexible textile display which can be bend, folded, crumpled and even torn.

The electroluminescent flag is mounted on a flag pole which contains the battery and the electronic to power the flag.

Sounds very exiting and offers a wide range of applications, starting as display on clothing, making it possible to use more of the iPod shuffle, display less devices. Other application areas include interior design and the wide field of magical outdoor advertisement and event decoration.


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