Rugged solar bags with iPod control from KILLA

iPod-Solar-bagsThe KILLA Vintage series #1 bags are the first to combine two of the most popular wearable technologies into one product: wearable solar power and iPod control.

But the uniqueness does not stop there. The Vintage series #1 bags are made from 50 year old WW2 German vintage back pack and satchel and can last another 50 years, long enough to survive the fast moving fashion world of today.

KILLA partnered with QIO Systems using their PANiQ textile interface and modules to control the iPod/iPhone family and other Bluetooth enabled mobile devices.

The flexible solar power system comes from Solarc, a German company we have posted some time ago about their sexy solar bags. The KILLA Vintage series 1 # bags have a power pack as well storing the sun’s energy for later use.

This unique bags are available only in a very limited numbered and tagged edition, 20 units per year and can be purchased by KILLA’s new wearable electronic shop ARChitect in Vancouver, 46 Alexander Street, Vancity, BC


By launching the extraordinary Vintage series #1 bags next to the gorgeous hoodies and jackets with device control, KILLA is definitely claiming the #1 spot in the technology enabled, wearable electronic fashion business.


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