Have you already upgraded your jacket to version 2.0?

PANiQ-sewing-kitFinally there is a solution available for everyone who want’s to upgrade his / her favorite piece of clothing to technology enabled Fashion 2.0 to play in sync with the many electronic lifestyle items in our pockets: iPhone or BT cellphone or iPod.

A company called RNK Distributing is marketing a product called the ‘My Sew EZ Touch kit‘ which includes a PANiQ wearable user interface textile touch pad and a PANiQ controller for iPod.

Other control modules for Bluetooth enabled devices can be later ordered via the PANiQ web-shop or by selected electronic retail or clothing shops.

RNK Distributing offers a wide range of really cool embroidery designs like Boys, Girls, Flower, Rock, Skulls, Sports and many more touch symbol themes to choose from.

Included in the kit is everything needed to upgrade your favorite piece of clothing, embroidery pattern, yarn in the needed colors, the textile keypad with a long textile cable ribbon and instructions (can be found here) how to start the upgrading.

It looks like we soon start to upgrade not only our computer, cellphone, audio player but also our clothing.

I could not find any retail source yet but stay tuned, I will check with them and give an update on the availability.

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