Sonic Fabric for a musical wardrobe

Sonic-fabric-NecktiesWhat better way to demonstrate innovative thinking in sustainability and fashion than to reuse the billions of tapes that became obsolete with the CD and especially the emergence of MP3 players.

Instead of dumping the tapes in landfills, artist Alyce Santoro came up with a way to transform the out of use tapes into beautiful and durable textiles called ‘Sonic Fabric.’

But this is not the complete story, this innovative, creative use of sonic material for clothing has still the recordings, the music or spoken words on it.

Glide a tape head over your dress or tie and you can listen to your wardrobe – amazing. Sure, the audible quality depends on the speed you glide over the tape-fabric but nevertheless, a cool idea the bring my necktie to swing.

Ms. Santoro recently launched a line of neckties and offers Sonic Fabric by the yard for interior, fashion and accessories designers via her online shop.

The limited edition SONIC FABRIC NECKTIES comes in the colors of black, cement grey and dark brown, costing $140.- each. Information on how to get Sonic Fabric by the yard or a swatch kit can be found at the same place.

[via: Inhabitat]

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