Hot Shag – the hottest rug on the planet

hot_shagI must have found one of the coolest/hottest rugs on the planet made by British textile artist Sophie Hedderwick, the Hot Shag.

The Hot Shag shown is woven with berber yarn and thick EL (ElectroLuminescent) wires, painting a golden river of light running through the thick pile when switched on or looks like a conventional rug when unlit.

I love this design so much, it is simple in terms of technology involved but amazingly surprising, magical when the little technology comes to life.

An extraordinary creativity radiating from Sophie Hedderwick who has more of fascinating art works, fusing ancient weaving techniques with modern materials like a  series of gauze curtains that are sound-activated, responding to laughter, music or distant footsteps …

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  1. Although this is an AWESOME entry, and I have chosen it to do my technotextiles project on it, I’m just going to ask if there is any way for this carpet to help people

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