ITcares – smart textile monitoring for patients

ITcares-ShirtInfos about the prototypes on stage during the Smart Textiles Salon keep coming thanks to our friends Lina Rambausek and Anne Schwarz who are busy to organize this event under the supervision of Prof. Lieva Van Langenhove at UGent.

Today’s project preview presents another approach to smart textile sensors based on silver-coated polyamide yarn knitted with spandex to make it stretchable. The projects name is ITcares – ‘Intelligent Textile for CArdio REspiratory Sensing’.

The textile sensor patches are placed on positions of the T-Shirt’s inside which have been found to be most immune to the movement of the torso which will minimizing the ‘artifacts’, wrong readings of the sensor.

Stretchable textile sensors allow a tight but still comfortable fit, contributing to an improved sensor performance as skin contact is most important for accurate biometric data detection.

Body sensor network techniques gaining tremendous interest from researchers and professionals and from academia to the industry worldwide. With the development of innovative wearable/wireless and one day implantable bio sensors, everyday health care and the improvement in the quality of life for patients is one of the most valuable achievements wearable technologies are able to deliver.

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