Fashion meets Technology on IFA 2007

lFA_logo.gifFashion meets Technology again during IFA 2007 between Aug 31 and Sept 5 in Berlin/Germany. IFA is the world largest Consumer Electronic Show and Wearable Electronic will have a strong presents during this event.

The Smart Textiles Interessengemeinschaft, a community that represents the interests of producers and developers from the application fields of fashion, sports, workwear and healthcare, is organizing the smartTextiles Village on booth 125 in hall 12.

For the first time, Bayern Digital Radio will show a Jacket with integrated TV receiver and Pierre Cardin a jacket with integrated solar panels to power our beloved portable gadgets.

badira.gifThe TV-Jacket called ‘badira’ can receive analog as well as digital programs and record them. according to the press release from Bayern Digital Radio the TV-Jacket was designed by the International Fashion School ESMOD Munich and is ideal for travel, sport or your time outside to stay in touch with the latest news and entertainment on the go.

I am already very curious how the TV-Jacket will look and work. Will this be the first jacket with a textile display in the sleeve? We will know more on coming Friday when the ‘badira’ site goes online.

Pierre Cardin’s Solar Jacket is more straight forward to my understanding, some photos are already available on the smartTextiles Website and we have seen already how it can look and work from Zegna.

Interesting also that both jackets will be available soon according a press release from smartTextiles.

But there is much more about Wearable Electronic to see on the IFA: Burton, O’Neill and Lodenfrey will present clothing with new functionality, Designer like Alexandra Baum from Textiles Interfaces and Heike Honing show how to integrate electronic into clothing.

Last but not least, Solar bags, the hottest Wearable Electronic item in 2007 will be presented by Sunload in cooperation with Picard to show the latest solar bag models.

Great things to see in the smart Village and we will keep our ears and eyes open for more product details to present you here on our blog.

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