DIY Solar bag

talk2myshirt_solarbag.jpg talk2myShirt has formally entered the DIY community by making our very own version of a Solar Bag. It was easy for us to pick our first DIY candidate. Catching solar energy with a bag to power iPod and Co. became very popular this year.

Our DIY instruction guideline will not only give you the technical information on how to make a solar bag, we will explain and highlight other aspects like different components that can be used and the effect they will have on the design as well as on the performance.

We will spice up our guidelines with tips to get the most out of your solar bag and what can be expected from the power generation capabilities of a solar bag.

At the end of our DIY Solar Bag posting series we will publish the whole story as a booklet in PDF format for download.

Rest assured, our guidelines are very easy to follow, you do not need much knowledge of electronic or how to make a bag. We will show you how simple a USB charging bag can be made. Our Solar bag can charge any device that can be charged via USB connector on your computer, iPod, PDA, cellphone, you name it.

Get ready and look around for a bag you want to modify or look for a good looking bag you want to use. The only thing you have to watch out in selecting your bag-to-be-transformed is to have an area on the bag the size of an 4A sheet for the solar panel placement.

Next time, we list down all the materials needed, where to get a flexible solar panel and how to modify your bag.


  1. Hi Edward,
    the full instructions on how to build the Solar Bag and charging electronic can be found via our DIY-Solarbag tag. Part one is describing the solar panel integration into a bag and the second part the charging electronic.
    If you like to have more details, please shoot me an email: eric @ talk2myshirt . com or drop your question in the comment box here.

  2. Where can I get instructions on how to use a storage battery on the solar bag to store unused electricity?

  3. Hi Maynard,

    I personally like the solution from Instructables contributor ‘blondietheblond’.

    Here is THE LINK to the instructions. The prefect solution for solar charging and storing power in a battery first. This solution is a bit more complex as the simple solar charging we have used but it has the advantage to store energy and supply a more stable power to the iPod or cell phone.

    I am planning to build one for myself later this year and if I do so I will blog about it 😉

    Hope this helps you and thanks for dropping by in our blog.

  4. Well said, but we all need to appreciate that adding Solar on their house is an asset which could improve the longer term valuation of their house if / when they choose to sell. With the environment the way it is going we simply cannot ignore any item that offers free energy at no cost to both the buyer and more notably the world!

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