OFSETH – smart textile sensors for healthcare

OFSET-optical-fiber-sensorOFSETH (Optical Fiber Sensors Embedded into technical Textile for Health-care) is a European project of the 6th Framework Program and will be part of the Smart Textiles Salon prototype presentation in Ghent, a European workshop jointly organized by the European projects SysTex and Proetex.

The OFSETH project aims to develop optical fiber based sensors for health care application to continuously monitor vital biometric data of patients while giving them at the same time more mobility and freedom, to be more mobile.

I really like the idea of having, hopefully one day soon, smart patients care garments that take out one of the most frustrating experiences when one has to submit to body monitoring.

The team created a optical sensor network into a harness for patient monitoring containing several optical fiber sensors for assessing the patient breathing activity, detecting respiratory accidents or incidents.

The optical sensor fibers will be compatible with textile manufacturing processes.

More details about this project can be found on the OFSETH project site.

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