Merging the physical and virtual space – Emotion Jacket

emotion-jacket-PhilipsA team of Philips Electronics scientist will present their Emotion Jacket at the Smart Textiles Salon in Ghent, a jointed European workshop organized by the European projects SysTex and Proetex.

The emotion jacket is loaded with 64 independently controlled vibration motors distributed across the arms and torso. The actuators of the motors are capable of cycling on and off 100 times per second being able to create almost any kind of emotions you could experience while watching a DVD or playing your favorite computer game.

Philips Research is currently running intensive tests with the emotion jackets to investigate how to create emotional immersion. After 3D movies take over the cinemas right now the next experience dimension waiting for our enjoyment will be the creation of emotional feelings will watching Transformer 8.

Now I getting a bit too emotional but seriously, have a look at this highly complex prototype when you are around Ghent later this month.

More information on the Emotion Jacket can be found on the Philips Research project site.

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