Resistor Reference Card

resistor-reference-cardLast month I have blogged about the pocket LED Resistance Calculator, a simple to make but sometimes very useful little tool to decide which resistors to buy for the next eTextile DIY project – or any other electronic projects for that fact.

But what about having a bunch of resistors sitting on your desk with all the color rings on it and you don’t know which value to read out of these color rings.

Checking on the Web is one way to go but if you don’t have access to the internet at the time you want to bring system in your resistor collection Instructables member Osgeld has another DIY card to help you figure out your resistor treasure chest, the Resistor Reference Card.

The Instructable gives a detail overview how to assemble the card – very easy as the template to be printed out is attached to it.

Print, fold and assemble with 3 paper fasteners the index wheels and put the resistor color decoding card into your pocket to have it handy when needed. I love such simple, self made and very practical tools, even though I am able to navigate around these color rings with high accuracy I just made one for the love of it.

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