Smart eTextile Solutions seminar at IFAI 2009

IFAI2009 IFAI, the largest trade show in the Americas devoted to technical and specialty fabrics opens the doors between Sept. 23 – 25 in San Diego, CA. Organized as a pre-IFAI event, the Smart eTextile Solutions is taking place on Sept. 22, from 8:30am – 6:30pm

Like in the past few years, IFAI continuous to support the eTextile and Smart Fabrics business by inviting an interesting mix of professionals in the smart textile arena to share their expertise and experience in this field.

The speaker list includes:

  • World Trends & Innovations in Smart Textiles by Isa Hoffmann, CEO, IHOFFMANN International
  • Multifunctional Woven Cloth for Fuel Cell Gas Diffusion Media by Michael Ellis, Associate Professor, Virginia Tech
  • Methods for Fabricating Broadloom Mesh Networks and Allowing Electrical Connections to be Formed Across Discontinuities by Jeremiah Slade, Business Area Manager, InfoSciTex
  • Connectors in Flexible Fabrics to Reduce Load Requirements for Soldiers by Eric Gans, Director, Systems Engineering, Physical Optics Corp.
  • LilyPad Arduino: A Kit for Prototyping Electronic Textiles by Leah Buechley, Assistant Professor, MIT Media Lab
  • Smart Textiles as a Component in a System by Michael Corbett, Owner and General Manager, WEEL Technologies
  • Design Innovation and the Development of a Material Culture: fashion, tools, tradition and experimentation by Despina Papadopoulos, Design Director, Studio 5050
  • Commercializing a Smart Fabric Sensor – Applications and Lessons by Brian Russell, CEO, Zephyr Technology Limited
  • E-textile – State of the Market by Qaizar Hassonjee, VP Development & Commercialization, Adidas Wearable Sports Electronics – Textronics

A long and impressive list of eTextile experts covering the whole chain form research, manufacturing and business development to DIY wearable electronic around the LilPad.

If you are in the area or you can manage to go to San Diego on Sept 22 you can expect a highly charged discussion around eTextiles.

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