e-textiles on IFAI Expo 2007

ifai_logo.jpgWearable Electronic takes center stage during the upcoming IFAI Expo 2007 from Oct. 3-5, 2007, in Las Vegas, USA.

IFAI stands for Industrial Fabrics Association International and is the most important textile industry event of 2007.

Especially interesting for us is the E-Textiles symposium which is part of IFAI. This symposium will have prominent speakers from the Wearable Electronic field and talk about topics like:

  • Integrating Glow Skin Active Illumination Systems into Apparel
  • Market Opportunities for Smart Fabrics
  • Flexible Batteries for Smart Fabrics
  • A Crash Course in Electronics for Textile Professionals
  • Lessons Learned from the Market

and concludes with a panel discussion on Market Timing for Smart Textiles.

Everyone interested and/or working in the field of Wearable Electronic, E-Textiles, Smart Fabrics should make sure this event is on his/her agenda.

We from talk2myShirt look very much forward to hear what the experts have to share with us about creating successful Wearable Electronic products and take the market opportunities Wearable Electronic can offer.

For more infos about this event, check out our homepage or the Website of IFAI.


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