SHHH… Amplifying Textiles

interactive-sound-textileToday’s sneak peek on the prototype which will be shown during the ‘Smart Textile Salon‘, a jointed European workshop organized by the European projects SysTex and Proetex on Sept 25th in Ghent, Belgium, is SHHH… Amplifying Textiles from German textile and surface designer Berit Greinke.

Recently graduated from the MA Design for Textile Futures at Central Saint Martins, her final project ‘SHHH…’ amplifies Berit’s interest into her fascination with textiles and sounds, her curiosity of bringing sound into a design field that is traditionally dominated by seeing and touching.

Her sound enabled textiles revolve not so much around clothing but in architecture where acoustics plays an important role as we all know how curtains, wallpapers and rugs can change the sound of a space enormously.

With SHHH… Berit aesthetically connected textiles and sound but the electronics and materials are physically separated, the textiles are not connected to a power source.

Textiles have the function of a record medium, the pattern are unique and developed from sound. A machine is used to transfer sound to patterns.

A sound-scanner that slides over the textile reproduces the sound embedded into the textiles. Every sound-scan will become different due to the flexibility of the materials and the changing of light conditions.

A remarkable interactive textile application which can add a new (sound) dimension in future interior design.

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