How Wearable Electronic should not be (made)

nanomars_solar_backpack.jpgHere is an example of how Wearable Electronic products should not be made.

The item in question is a Solar Backpack the online computer and peripherals shop Computer Supermarket from UK has added to their offerings.

This backpack is made by Nanomars, a Taiwan based company that makes consumer electronic products and computer peripherals. Backpacks and bags from Nanomars have first surfaced on the Computex Taipei back in June.

Nanomars uses glass solar panels that are easy to break, heavier and of course not bendable/flexible like the plastic solar panels that are used in all the other solar bag products we have posted about.

To merge a stiff piece of technology like this type of solar panel with soft materials usually used in bags and backpacks (this model is not a hard shell backpack) is a big NO, style wise and function wise.

Although we like every initiative to merge textiles with technology, using a stiff solar panel on an otherwise good looking backpack design does not fulfill the requirements we from talk2myShirt expect and demand from wearable Electronic products.

Computer Supermarket is selling the Solar Backpack for $ 120.- but I recommend looking for a more stylish and practical model from the wide range of solar bags available in the market.


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