Sessions iPod ready, interactive Winter09 jackets

sessions-skullcandy-ipod-jacketAction-sport apparel brand Sessions teamed up again with Skullcandy to continue it’s presents in the interactive garment segment with the launch of the Winter ’09 iPod ready jacket collection.

The Foxtrot Herringbone Skullcandy Jacket for men features a military construction with urban styling – gorgeous looking jacket for action pure and available via this online store for $249.95

The second style in the new collection is the SSC CO-OP Jacket, a waterproof shell with fully taped seams to prevent moisture from getting in.

Coming in the color schemes of White Camo and Black Camo, the SSC CO-OP Jacket for men will be the most eye catching, interactive gear on and off the snowy mountains. Available now for $173.97 via this online store.

Sessions has also for the Ladies a iPod enabled/controlling jacket in store for the coming winter season, the Lush Avery Plaid Skullcandy with fixed hood trimmed with faux fur, leather tabs and brass four hole buttons. Available at this online store for $169.-


The interactive jacket collection from Sessions comes with Skullcandy’s soft keypad and audio system for iPod control. Your soundtracks on the iPod, which is safely stored and protected inside the jacket, can be easily controlled via the integrated soft keypad on the sleeve.


  1. The plug in the jacket does not fit in the ipod…but it says on the jacket that it is ipod compatible. anybody know anything about this?

  2. you should have an iPod dock connector coming with the jacket. This dock connector (which I think has a small plastic box on the other end with a pin connector) is plugged into the connector inside the jacket.

    I don’t have this jacket but think this is how it will/should work/connect. At least it does so on other iPod enabled jackets and bags I have.

  3. I am also trying to figure out how to actually make this thing work. The adaptor it comes with is like the ipod connector but much smaller. A little pissed off actually that the jacket arrives and I can’t get it to work! Any help?

  4. Hi Jay,
    I did some background checking and heard you might have picked up a sales sample that did not have the full package as the retail version which includes the iPod module and speaker/amp system.

    You could buy the iPod module if you only want to control your iPod or the iPod plus amplifier system (AMP’D) by Skullcandy. The small connector you mentioned will connect to the iPod module which in turn has the iPod connector.

    Please keep in mind: talk2myShirt is not a retailer or manufacturer of any products we are posting about. My infos are informal but they might help you getting your jacket to work.

  5. Hello,
    i’ve just buy the MetallicA M4 jacket with skull candy système to use my iPod, but it doesn’t work…
    I’ve follow the intruction on “skull” but nothing… No music in the speakers… Remonte control work…
    I’ve tried many solution without any succes.
    Can someone help me.
    Thx ( sorry for my bad english but i’m Corsican and i speak french)

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