Romantic with Wearable Electronic

jacket_antics.jpgBarbara Layne from Studio subTela designed the Jacket Antics, a Wearable Electronic concept that addresses the sensual part of our life, the softness of textiles, the love and romantic dreams.

Barbara has developed a pair of his-and-hers jackets that use embedded LEDs on the back to send messages using scrolling words. The clothing senses when the wearers hold hands, allowing the message to run across both jackets.

Traditional black linen yarns are hand woven alongside light emitting diodes, micro controllers and sensors. When the wearers hold hands, the LED arrays presents a third, synchronous message that scrolls from one to the other, presenting a new pattern of communication and expression.

When the wearers release hands, the message reverts back to the individual themes. The capacity for interactivity in the animated cloth displays extend the narrative qualities of cloth and provide new possibilities for dynamic social interaction.

Although we concentrate in our Blog mainly on Wearable Electronic products that made it to the shops, I like this design concept which could have a great potential in the ‘real world’. Next to the appeal for romantic moments in our lives it can also provide a lot of fun. Imagine clubs or teams use such jackets that could generate new visual messages depending on how many members come together.

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