Back-to-School with Cool Wearable Electronic stuff

Wearable Electronic products become an option when considering replacing or upgrading your wardrobe and outfit. Our recommendations for Back-to-School cool stuff is a list of items that are available for that cool and motivational upgrade for the coming School year.

A bag is the most essential gear you need in your student life – and for that matter many other occasions like work life – so lets start looking around what is on offer right now.

g_tech_range.jpgWhat comes to my mind first are the many multifunctional, iPod enabled, sound machine in a bag. Having used a iPod backpack myself for a couple of month now (I use the Nike C.O.R.E.) I do not want to miss anymore the convenience to quickly adjust the volume or but the iPod in pause mode when meeting and chatting to someone, be it a friend I bump into or in the store to check out something.

G-Tech and Jansport have a large range of different styles, colors and functionality starting with the iPod ready remote control in the shoulder strap and going to the sound bags that have very nicely integrated flat panel speaker technology that transforms your backpack into a sound machine next to carrying all your books.

v_dimension_range.jpgIf global warming and environmental protection is your passion and mission, you can choose from a wide range of solar power collecting bags and backpacks.

The recently launched range from V-Dimension is good looking and can charge almost everything and anything you might need for your busy lifestyle inclusive your new, cool iPhone.

music_sons_tshirt_range1.jpgFancy for a T-Shirt that is out of this world? Then look no more, Music & Sons has a nice, high quality range of T-Shirts that make the headphone wire management a breeze.

There is always the troubles in getting the headphone wires out of the way and the action. The T-Shirts from Music and Sons have the wire integrated into the T-Shirt’s fabric. Connect the supplied headphone or your own headphone near the collar of the shirt and the iPod or any other MP3 player in a dedicated pocket and you are ready to go.

groove_rider_small.jpgFor the more groovy among our readers there is the Groove Rider shirt from Urban Tool.

This shirt has the iPod remote control integrated into the T-Shirts fabric and you don’t need to stop your action and take out your iPod whenever you want to repeat this great song you just heard or turn up the volume another notch.

Using the latest and best that textile electronic can provide, this shirt is on piece of Cool and groovy looking outfit for girls and boys.

numetrex_hrm_top.jpgFitness and sport is a fix part on every school agenda and should be on the agenda for the rest of the world too. Getting fit and stay fit rewards you with a higher life quality.

Numetrex has the Cardio Shirt for girls and boys that is not only practical in helping you keeping track of your progress, they are very high tech with their sensors based on textiles and fully integrated into the shirts fabric.

You will look cool in those shirts with their nice cut and style, this gear will motivate you to go the extra mile.

The above selection is a small part of what is actually available on the Wearable Electronic products. You can find more by browsing through our blog entries.

We compile this list as help for our reader to create awareness of the availability of such products. Our selection criteria is based on the suitability of those products for the specific field – in this case addressed to back-to-school gear. We do not have any connection to the featured companies nor to any online or off-line store. We just like Wearable Electronic products ourself and like to share our enthusiasm using those products.

Whatever your motivation will be to buy a Wearable Electronic product, you will get awarded with appreciative looks for being a fashion and technology forward thinking trend setter who loves new, innovative, cool looking stuff.


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