iLED – the next wearable display

iledWhile OLEDs are the hype of today when it comes to flexible, bright and colorful displays able to be integrated into clothing, a team of scientist is already working on the next big technology which could change the rule of the wearable display game.

OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) offer faster refresh rates and brighter colors than conventional LCDs but the newly developed iLEDs (inorganic light-emitting diodes) exceed the OLEDs in terms of brightness, making them ideal for outdoor use during daylight.

The iLED technology can be found already today in larger outdoor signage but due to the current fabrication process, iLED technology is more expensive than OLED and requires a larger display area, low resolution displays.

Besides the extreme brightness, according to Ioannis Kymissis, an assistant professor of electrical engineering at Columbia University, we are talk about reaching one tenth of the brightens of the sun, the life span of inorganic LEDs (iLEDs) can be 100,000 hours or more, three times longer than OLEDs.

The new approach to iLED-fabrication offers a more effective means of fabricating and assembling smaller and thinner iLEDs, says research leader John Rogers from the University of Illinois and colleagues from Northwestern University, the Institute of High Performance Computing in Singapore, and Tsinghua University in Beijing.


The research work is funded by Ford Motor Co. which is interested into car interior surface lightning, covering the soft curves with light emitting layers, the National Science Foundation, and the U.S. Department of Energy.

As with many research projects, also this new iLED will take time to surface on our clothing but it does look very much visible as most of the technology and production processes are well known but need to be tweaked for producing little suns on our sleeves.

[via: Scientific America]

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