Smart ledBAG by Maria Roza Szczepanska

ledbagIndustrial Designer Maria Roza Szczepanska created a beautifully illuminated  handbag with a modular twist called the ledBAG.

The ledBag lights up when opened showing a illuminated, shooting Space invader star-ship. I like the combination of the Retro themed Space Invader image on a space age handbag. On the inside there is another row of LEDs to light up the dark corner of handbags to make it easier for the Ladies to find all the important stuff they carry around.

The bag lights up (inside and outside) when opened and switches off when closed. A nice twist to use light not only to light up the inside but also to signal when the bag is opened, especially useful when someone else intends to open the bag.

Illuminated bags with active light elements have been around for some time but what makes the ledBAG from Roza outstanding is the design, the structure of the bag.

The light emitting layer, which contains the LEDs and the conductive traces, is sandwiched between the outer shell of the bag and the inner lining. Both, outer and inner layer have image perforation to let the LED light shine through it.


A very smart construction as it provides the flexibility to reuse the Light emitting layer to be integrated into another ledBAG style. A modular, style changing system for handbags – cute.

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