Illuminative Sonic Top

sonic-topIn our series of introducing the prototypes on stage during the Sept 25  ‘Smart Textile Salon‘, a jointed European workshop organized by the European projects SysTex and Proetex, we have a sneak peek at the Illuminative Sonic Top by Travis Li, currently Research Assistant at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

The ‘Illuminative Sonic Top’, inspired by the aesthetic forms and functions of a ceiling lighting has been transferred and transformed into a chick fashion accessory which is able to sense the changing sound waves of the surrounding environment and translates it to sparkling light flashes.

The prototype, shown during the Smart Textile Salon exhibition, has 128 blue, yellow purple and white LEDs embedded to display different patterns corresponding to the change of the volume and sound frequency.

Sound is detected via an embedded microphone in the chest area receiving the sound signals which are then amplified by the pre-amplifier circuits for further processing.

The LEDs and processing circuit are powered by three 9V batteries which will last for about 2 hours in full interactive mode.

Travis envisions this concept could be interesting for performing artists on the stage, I could not agree more with him but to my humble opinion, this interactive sparkle would look great on the dance floor or evening gowns alike.


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