Illuminated stage-wear by David Hasslehoff

Hannah send me a link to the video below which painted a smile on my face while watching. Seeing David Hasslehoff on stage singing ‘I am locking for Freedom’ in an illuminated jacket is just what I needed to cheer up a bit while struggling with one of my projects.

Seeing D.H. performing in an illuminated jacket only contributed to my enjoyment – literally. Have wearable electronic in my DNA, the illuminated jacket got my full attention, much more than the song. I wonder who was the creator of this illuminated jacket as the performance was way back in 1989 at a time wearable electronic was hardly known to more than a very few people.

I can’t imagine Moritz Waldemeyer was involved in that project unless he did a student project. Interesting in any case as it confirms my ‘suspicion’ that performing artists are attracted towards light animated stage wear like moths to light.

I hope this little post can light up your day as it did for me. If you know who made this jacket, I would be grateful if you can share it in the comments.


  1. The Hasselhof jacket may have been made by a company called Animotion, from PA, I think. They also made items for Robin Williams, Rosie O’Donnell to name a few … This had battery packs bult inside the lining to operate the new LED technology.

  2. Hi Laurie,

    Thanks for that info :) you might be right, I have made a quick check and found out this company was indeed involved in making light animated clothing but stopped business. The current VP of Research and Development by JF-Magic another company making illuminated clothing worked (or owned) Ani-Motion.

    Based on your tip I will dig a bit deeper to see if there is another story around this illuminated stage-wear :)

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