Super Charger Ski Backpack by Columbia

columbia-audio-backpackIt’s the time of the year when companies release their newest gear for the coming winter season.

Columbia kicks off the Fall/Winter 2009 interactive bag season, at least as far as I could find new bags, with the Super Charger Ski Backpack which includes a Soundtrack Audio System containing an amplifier inside the bag, two water proof speaker and a soft panel audio device control in the shoulder straps.

The Super Charger Ski Backpack works apparently also with Skullcandy audio accessories. It has a Versatile Ski Carrying (VSC) System featuring diagonal or vertical ski carrying straps which allows also to carry a snowboard.

Audio controlling bags have been around for some time now, fortunately the prices came down as well so it is now surprise to see more people opting for such functionality on their bags.

Being myself a heavy user of device controlling bags, I can not often enough underline the convenience of having the basic controls of an audio player at my finger tips, easy to access on the straps, especially when out and around, the usual time one carries a bag.

The additional speakers in the top of the straps are nicely designed, blending into the overall style of the bag and acting not only as cool feature but also a bit as a safety device, allowing to listen to music but still being fully aware of the action around.

As this time is also the ‘Back-to-School’ time you can have the Super Charger Backpack, which comes in the colors Citrus or Black, for $125.00 minus 10% when using the coupon code ‘school10‘ at the checkout on this online shop.

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