EduWear – a Treasure chest full of wearable electronic information

eduwear_toolkitA remarkable collection of wearable electronic information can be found by EduWear, an initiative of the ‘Digital Media in Education‘ research group which is affiliated with the Center for Computing and Communication Technologies at the University of Bremen, Germany.

The project receives support from the European Commission with the aim to develop an educational low-cost construction kit for wearable and tangible interfaces.

The idea of EduWear is brilliant – creating cheap, educational kits to teach children wearable electronic technologies. EduWear is based on OpenSource spirit offering all the information free to download and use.

Navigating around their site you can find many ideas incredible details like how to assemble a kit, how to organize workshops, how to use the materials in an extremely simple to follow way. The Tutorial as a must read.

They developed a software layer between the Arduino and user, called Amici for Mac and Windows to make the programming a kids play – fabulous.

EduWear is organizing their own wearable electronic workshops throughout the year and all over Europe, mainly for a very young audience. But they also offer a “tutor training” for people who want to run their own workshop. During this training an aspiring tutor will learn about the EduWear toolkit and the workshop concept.

EduWear is a remarkable place that promotes wearable electronic in a unique way. The only complain I have is the rather ‘clumsy’ navigation on their site which makes it a challenge to quickly find all the gems hidden on EduWear.

Having said this, I highly recommend to take a tour on EduWear’s site, you will be positively surprised and amazed what you can find there in the wearable electronic treasure chest.

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