Knitted sensor patent awarded to SmartLife

smartlife-textile-sensor SmartLife® Technology Ltd, a UK based Medical Technology Company with the aim to become a leading global provider in the field of wearable monitoring systems just got a step closer to achieve this aim by being awarded an international patent for a knitted ‘linear electronic transducer’ which is incorporated into a garment in order to monitor a patient’s health.

Remarkable on this story is that SmartLife is not only able to license this technology to other brands and manufacturers it is also another stepping stone towards a more regulated, structured wearable technology environment especially for companies planning to integrate soft technology into mass market products.

Besides the knitted electrode technology which allows a seamless integration of ECG sensors into garments, SmartLife has also developed a sophisticated detection electronic which translates the noisy signals that come from HRM devices into medical grade readable data.

Picking up heart rate signals sounds easier as it is as the is a lot of movement in the body on the garment which create such signal noise. Developing a robust and reliable processing software next to the soft sensor components makes this system interesting for a wider range of application where high data reliability is important.

[via: Innovation in Textiles]

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