Interactive performance wear – Aural Aura

musical-gloveI am fascinated from the Aural Aura concept since I have discovered it a few days ago. Fascinated because of the conceptional idea of Aural Aura which aims to unite sound, color and dance fluidly to create a magical audible and visual aura around the performer.

The designer of Aural Aura is Sofia Paraskeva, a visual artist who graduated at the Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) at New York University.

She develops next to other cutting edge technologies in the visual arts domain highly interesting wearable musical instruments such as musical gloves and bodysuits.

Although the Aural Aura project involves also elements like computer vision and musical compositions, I will focus on the wearable interface and sensor part.

The wearable technology part of the interactive body suit includes LilyPad modules for ‘on-the-garment’ processing and Xbee radios to transmit wireless the readings from the body suit and gloves sensors to a base station radio that communicates serially with the computer.

Flex sensors, accelerometer and stretch sensors are attached onto the performance Body suit to measure and map movement which subsequently trigger the sound and color overlays.

The Aural Aura is still work in progress but Sofia’s project site is packed with information about wearable sound projects and other wearable electronic inspiration sources she used while creating her Aural Aura concept.


Aural Aura is not the first musical interaction garment but is is one of the most sophisticated I have seen so far. The addition of adding aural light to the sound element makes it definitely more magical than most other wearable sound concepts.


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