V-Dimension, the new dimension for Solar Bags

v_dimension.jpg V-Dimension, a California based company joined the fast growing segment of solar power bags by introducing a revolutionary new line of bags.

Their patent bending system can charge any cell phone, iPod/iPhone or PDA using sunlight and even works with room light thanks to the use of a new anti-reflective coated mono crystalline silicon solar panel which measures just 4.25inch x 5 inch.

The V-Dimension line includes also a switch-box that contains a buffer battery to store the (sun)light / power as it comes in. Three LEDs on the switch-box indicate when the stored energy is high enough to charge your device.

A large range of different connectors are on offer to connect and charge practically any mobile device on the market. A selection for the most common connectors are included in the bag and the more exotic connectors can be ordered for $ 1.99 each on V-Dimension’s online store.

Combining high quality bags with an innovative and highly efficient solar technology, the V-Dimension bags set a new standard for solar bags.

Nowadays where headphones are part of many peoples body, listening either to music from their iPod or talking on the cellphone, have their Blackberries or smart-phones fused to their hands (at least it looks like this), new ways of generating and providing power for all those devices is asking for new dimensions of power management.


The Corporate Travel Case is the ideal companion for the business person while the Optical Messenger bag fits perfectly for the out and about city reveler. For the trip to the country side, the Helius Backpack might just give you the large capacity to carry everything for a short trip away from your home territory.


All three models are available by V-Dimension for a very reasonable price of $ 129.95 each. V-Dimension is shipping internationally.

Solar cell technology integrated into ‘every day items’ like clothing and bags to harvest light and convert to electrical energy can be a very interesting direction to follow.

V-Dimension’s ground breaking new line of light to power transforming bags has the potential to revolutionize the bag business.

[via: SciFi Tech]


  1. I saw a DIY article on Popular Science for making one of these solar charger bags. You could do it yourself for around 60 bucks, but I don’t think you could get anywhere near the style of the bags you are featuring here, so I might just go the easy route and buy one!


  2. Hi Amanda, pssssst not telling anyone else but we are working on a DIY Solar bag with a detailed walk through here on our blog. We might have some practical tips that allow to make nice looking bags. Give us a couple of more days and you can find our story here 😀

  3. Julia, I just got the Optical Corporate Travel Bag and it rocks!!
    It works better than I could have ever imagined!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Hi Tim,

    Nice to hear your experience about the V-Dimension solar bag, that the performance is fully meeting your expectations. I do not have this bag and I am very interested into usage experiences.
    I see you found already our project on how to create your own solar bag. I wanted to see for myself how efficient and effective solar bags are. Although our project is based on a much simpler electronic than your V-Dimension bag, I do enjoy the free charge and the sun I get lately.
    We are working on an improved version which we will share online again once we have it completed.

  5. omg… I just saw these guys at the 2008 CES. They had their product out, and was demonstrating how you hook up your device to the “black technology box” that’s attached to the solar panel (I kid you not- “black technology box”…LOL). They proceeded to demonstrate how the bag was charging a device with ambient indoor light… while hooked up to a BATTERY PACK THAT WAS ACTUALLY DOING THE CHARGING! Man, it was like watching someone selling snake oil or miracle cure-all at a carnival. Besides… didn’t Eclipse Solar Gear come out with solar bag in 2004 (they were displaying just around the corner from V-Dimension), and Eclipse owns the patent to this technology?

  6. I got this bag a few weeks back and it rocks!!!!!!!!! Charges my iPhone in 2 hours
    First time I heard of this bag was on your site. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I bought the bag but i find it a little confusing. I have the one with two modes (CELL and USB) and two positions (one and two) and I have tried every way but it won’t charge by solar which is all I want to do. Which mode can I leave it on so that it will just charge the panel and won’t lose the energy (can it lose energy because I think that mine does but I’m not sure?) when there’s no light?

  8. Hi Mai, I don’t know all the answers to your question but the last one, no you will not lose energy that is stored in the battery via the solar panel. Only if you have a device connected to charge then the bags storage battery will give off energy.
    In general, the solar panel charges the bags battery from which you can then charge your devices. I do not know if there is an solar charge indicator on the plastic box so you could see if the solar panels is active, it might be but it might not have such feature (which would cost precious energy).
    I hope this helps you a little to understand how it works but I do not have a V-Dimension bag so my answers are a bit of guess work.

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