Torsolovely – memory rich, interactive clothing

torsolovelyThe story behind Torsolovely is as amazing as the design idea behind it. Torsolovely is a jacket designed to record touching experiences throughout the day and play back those moments from the past.

Created by Andrea Lauer, a costume designer and multimedia artist focusing on the intersection of clothing and technology.

The lovely story behind the Torsolovely concept: Agnes Richter, an Austrian asylum patient from the turn of the last century who, without access to pen and paper recorded her memories using needle and thread to sew her memories into the body of her institution jacket.

Andrea, inspired by this amazing story of an old day memory rich clothing story and transformed it to a 21st Century Haute Tech concept. During a two month study she mapped zones of her body, recording data points such as date, time and zone, as well as personal impressions like sound, smell and links to memories of the past.

The topographical touch map of her body provided the design guideline for the sensitive part of the jackets touch sensors integration.

When touched, the zone triggers a ‘memory composition’, a collage of recorded sound that relates to the cumulative data recorded about that zone.

The jacket then becomes the costume for an interactive performance between the public and myself. Touch releases the sounds into the world, giving a new life to the collected memories and creating new stories that continue the history that is woven into mine.


I love this inspirational play with old and new technologies around clothing, it’s amazing how clothing has been used for a long time other than just giving protection.


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