DIY eTextile ToolTime at Smart Textile Salon

diy-etextileeTextile enthusiasts who visit the Smart Textile Salon coming September 25th in Ghent, Belgium have the opportunity to participate in a one hour ToolTime session hosted by Mika Satomi.

There will be two sessions each has space for 30 participants. No registration for those workshops is necessary, it will be on a who comes first can join basis.

Mika will bring to this workshop her vast experience from her work in the eTextile arena with her involvement at Kobakant (e.g. Massage-Me costume) and her own projects on Nerding. She will also present the recently launched ‘How to get what you want‘ project, a cooperation between Mika, Hannah Perner-Wilson and the DistanceLab.

If you are visiting the STS, make sure you reserve time to attend this highly interesting ToolTime session with Mika.


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