Power walking – the Generator Trolley from O-range gives unlimited power on-the-go

generator-trolleyWe posted about the Pluggage converting and storing kinetic energy coming from the wheels of your luggage to electricity giving unlimited power supply – as long as you are on the move – literally.

While the Pluggage is still in it’s early creation stage with no concrete time frame set until it will find it’s way to shops, Italian high-end travel gear maker O-range is at the point to deliver their own kinetic energy harvesting luggage called the ‘Generator Trolley‘ to distributors and should hit the retail shops anytime soon.

The fist version of the Generator Trolley will come with half shell thin polycarbonate / ABS, measuring 32x 55 x 20cm with a capacity of 20L for a suggested retail price of €280.- (around $398.-)

After the initial launch a few other versions will follow in different material combination and a full fabric version.

According the promotion material from O-range, 100m (110 yards) strolling around with this Trolley generates enough electricity for 2 hours music or 1 hour GPS or 1 hour talk time on the cellphone but the Generator Trolley is powerful enough – providing you walk a bit longer – to charge up your laptop as well.

I like the idea to get some extra electrical power at no additional cost (besides the one time investment when purchasing the Trolley) or effort. How many miles/kilometers are people making when heading from Taxi to airport or train and back again. How many more miles/kilometers are people making when walking around a trade show. Each step gives power to be used when it is most needed – on the go.

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