Soft Keypad developer Kit from Fibretronic

connectedwear-developer-kitFibretronic released a developer kit of their ConnectedWear keypad technology for designer and DIY enthusiasts alike.

The Kit contains a five function keypad in linear shape, typically used for a remote control, the Joysick control pad with 5 functions as well, a highly interesting electronic tester for the keypad and a hang-tag to let your experimental, interactive fashion item look highly professional.

The kit can be used to retro fit one of your favorite jackets or bags with audio controls or to help designers to have a first hand experience when creating a new interactive garment.

The electronic tester runs a self check to see if there has been no damage during the integration of the keypad into garment/bag. If everything is fine a LED will light up for each button.


It looks to me this little tester has some potential for more serious hacking along the design way, maybe using the control pads for something more than just audio player navigation.

The kit is available via the ConnectedWear online shop for $29.99

ConnectedWear’s soft control panels are used in a large number of interactive clothing like in the great looking SWITCH hoodies from KILLA, see our previous post.


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