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voltage_iPod_bags.jpgThe iPod enabled or shall we say enhanced bag collection is getting richer in diversity. offers the Voltage Backpack and Voltage Messenger bag with integrated iPod controls.

Firebox is multi-channel retailer in UK who is specialized in the retail, marketing and manufacture of a range of new and innovative products. It’s a cool shopping site with lots of interesting stuff on offer.

The great looking iPod-optimized Voltage Backpack and Voltage Messenger bag is functioning as a iPod remote control via the stitched-in control panels that allow you to control your iPod . Adjust the volume, rewind, fast-forward and skip tracks without having to root around in your pockets or bags for your iPod.

voltage_ipod_backpack.jpgLooking to the control elements in the shoulder straps, we see two different types. On the Voltage Backpack the iPod controller is in the form of a joystick similar to the Fiddler (or is it) from Fibretronic’s soft keypad range for Wearable Electronic.

I have to admit I was not very impressed the first time I have seen this joystick control but I had the opportunity to check it out in ‘real life’ and it turned out this unique mini-joystick gives a reassuring ‘click’ and is actually very accurate and easy to use.

voltage_ipod_messenger_bag.JPGThe Voltage Messenger Bag features a ‘in a line’ soft keypad controller which we have seen on other products like the Jansports Backpack range.

This solution is more ‘straight forward’ easy to operate especially with bigger fingers or gloved hands.

I am using the Nike C.O.R.E. with the iPod control integrated for over half a year and I must say, once getting used to this convenience of quickly changing volume or song on the shoulder strap, you don’t want to use any other none iPod optimized bag anymore.

My iPod likes those smart bags too because it will not be exposed to rain, dust and occasional scratches that have aged my previous iPod by taking it out of the pocket or just hold it in hand all the time to make quick volume or song adjustments.

Back to the Voltage Bags. The Backpack goes for $ 120.- and the Messenger bag for $ 100.-. Order yours via the online store from – they ship internationally.

[via: ubergizmo]

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