Human Synthesizer – textile display from Philips Lumalive

lumalive Philips Lumalive commissioned a new promo video for their LED based light emitting textile technology.

The video, called ‘Human Synthesizer‘, made by made by Jasmin Jodry from th1ng, visually explains the benefits of transforming garments into communication platforms via the Lumalive textile display.

Up to now Philips Lumalive technology has been marketed only towards the promotion industry which is utilizing the eye and attention catching magic illuminated clothing creates.

Maybe in making a promotional video about this technology will lead one day soon to the launch of Lumalive into the consumer market?

Having a shirt, dress or jacket that shows mood icons, logos of favorite bands, groups or just random effects would be …. magical as this soft, textile display is.

Lumalive’s textile display is based on a layer of flexible substrate on which the RGB (red, green and blue color) LEDs are mounted in a matrix of 14×14 pixels spread over an area of 20cm (8 inches) square.

Each pixel (LED) can be individually addressed as well as the intensity of each color varied, allowing to visualize almost any color.

The LED layer is covered with water repellent textiles for protection, diffusion of the pixels to give off a soft light and to have a textile like, tactile feeling.

A control unit provides the display with content of up to  10 minutes of unique animations which can be downloaded via USB from a computer. The rechargeable Li-ion battery provides power to the display for 3 to 4 hours.

Photos of ‘Lumalive inside‘ can be found on Leah Buechley’s Flickr stream.

[via: Dexigner]


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