Illuminating the Darkness with DIY beadwork

glowing-braceletArtist Laura Cesari, creator of the Fire Skirt we have posted about earlier keeps on adding glowing objects to her creative portfolio to illuminate the darkness around us.

At she has posted DIY instructions for Glow Beadwork, demonstrating how the merge of beads and LEDs can create a magical style detail on clothing of fashion accessories.

The instructions start with the bead design, demonstrate the LED and soft circuit design including a cute, little battery pocket and show how to integrate everything into a textile bracelet.

A list of references to material and information resources rounds up this DIY overview. Fairly easy to follow but full of inspirational value for your own magic bead projects.

For anyone having difficulties to get hand on the materials needed or for anyone liking the convenience of a one-stop-shop, Laura made the Glow Beadwork available as Kit on Maker Shed. Other ready to wear glowing fashion items can be found on Laura’s Etsy shop.

[via: Craftzine]

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