LED Resistance Calculator for your pocket

led-resistor-calculatorThe Evil Mad Scientist‘s at their Laboratories have created a cute business sized card version of an LED Resistance Calculator, taking these calculators off-line and into your pocket.

As eTextile crafters use frequently LEDs I thought to beam up this DIY project for all those (including myself) who end up in front of rows of LEDs and resistors at the hardware store and want to know quickly the best combination of them for the design of the next, illuminated textile project.

Sure there are plenty of LED resistor calculators online, of course everyone has a shopping list before heading to the hardware store but then …. you will never find the values of LEDs you had in mind pack at the drawing board.

Head over to the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories, download and print the LED Resistance Calculator template, fold and glue it and put it in your pocket before you head out next time to the hardware store.

[via: Daily DIY]


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