Frauenhofer IZM TexLab – wearable electronic innovation and industrialization

wearable-electronic_frauenhofer-izm-texlabat the begin of this year the Frauenhofer IZM launched the TexLab concentrating it’s competencies and equipment to the integration of electronics into textiles.

The involvement of Frauenhofer’s IZM into wearable electronic goes back to 2001 when they started to investigate eTextiles with a strong focus on assembly and reliability.

Since then, IZM not only makes large contribution to research and innovation in wearable electronic technologies but also takes great care to ensure the feasibility of industrialization.

Based on the core competencies of IZM such as system integration, assembly and interconnection technologies, material development, reliability studies and improvements – to name a few – IZM has the resources and competencies to position itself as a leader when it comes to elevate wearable electronic into a more organized, structured future.

The IZM TexLab is an important starting point to get latest information and updates about wearable technology development making it a high priority bookmark for wearable electronic professionals as well as enthusiasts.

At the moment there are four projects listed on the site:

  • Fashionable Technology‘ – investigating different technologies for Stretchable Circuit Boards which includes the creation of the ‘Klight’.
  • ConText‘ – the development of textile based sensors including a prototype vest with integrated textile¬† EMG sensors.
  • TexOLED‘ – an investigation into different approaches on how to incorporate lighting into textiles.
  • InSiTex‘ – a research project looking into application of intelligent technical textiles in automobiles for increased more active safety systems for car passengers (think about seat belt, smart skin of a car seat).

Most of the projects are carried out in cooperation with other leading companies in the wearable electronic field and with European funded projects around smart textiles. The great value of IZM’s¬† involvement into wearable electronic is to take innovation and carry it through the necessary production feasibility and technology reliability testing in order to be able to judge these new technologies for the fitness in the consumer market.

We got word there will be soon more projects added to this highly interesting list. When this happens, we will update you again about the latest news coming out of the Frauenhofer IZM TexLab.


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